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BART Board to vote again on SB 50


We have a great opportunity to get BART to change their vote and Oppose SB 50!  San Francisco has two representatives on the BART Board, who both voted to support SB 50 in March.  But there is a lot more information out about the problems with SB 50, which may influence how they vote.




The following email (courtesy of Livable California) outlines the actions you can take:




BART Board's vote  to support SB 50 taken on March 14th violated the Brown Act.  The BART Board is required to take up SB 50 again at their next meeting.   


Meeting Date:  Thursday, May 9 at approximately 11:00 am for this agenda item


Meeting Location:  BART Board Room, 2040 Webster Street, Oakland




Recommended Actions:


  1. Email a letter (groups and individuals) to the BART Board encouraging a vote of opposition against SB 50. boardofdirectors@bart.gov.
  2. If you have a representative on the BART Board, call or email with a personal appeal to oppose SB 50. Link: BART Board list: https://www.bart.gov/about/bod.  More info about individual BART Board members at the very end of this email.
  3. Attend the meeting, invite others to join you, and speak during public comment time. Link: Full Agenda http://bart.granicus.com/GeneratedAgendaViewer.php?view_id=17&event_id=1616






Janice Li was elected in 2018.  Li represents western San Francisco and northern San Francisco.  The map of her district is here: https://www.bart.gov/sites/default/files/docs/bart_8.pdf


The SF BOS vote against SB 50 can be used to try to persuade her to change her mind.  If you have neighborhood council/association leaders/members that are against SB 50, I suggest that everyone possible contact Director Li directly, along with a note, letter or e-mail to the BART Board e-mail address.  Her BART e-mail address is: Janice.Li@bart.gov




Bevan Dufty represents  District 9.  The map is here:  https://www.bart.gov/sites/default/files/docs/bart_9.pdf


Dufty's district includes the Mission District.  Dufty is up for re-election in 2020. E-mail address for Dufty: bevan.dufty@bart.gov


Read the full account reported in The Marin Post. https://marinpost.org/blog/2019/5/5/cvp-and-livable-california-prevail-in-challenge-to-barts-illegal-endorsement-of-sb-50


Thank you!


Kathy H.


Let them know that you OPPOSE SB-50! Tell them that you live in SF and that Senator Wiener does not represent you on this legislation.