Contact your state representatives.

Let them know that you OPPOSE SB-50! Tell them that you live in SF and that Senator Wiener does not represent you on this legislation.

To send personal letters or otherwise contact staff, use these links:

Contact the Senate Governance and Finance Committee ahead of the scheduled SB50 hearing on April 24.


Senator Mike McGuire (Chair)  (email)        


Senator John M. W. Moorlach (Vice Chair)      (email)


Senator Jim Beall            (email)


Senator Robert M. Hertzberg    (email)


Senator Melissa Hurtado   (email)


Senator Jim Nielsen   (email)


Senator Scott D. Wiener          (email)

California State Assembly

 Assembly Housing Committee

Chair and SF Assembly Member Phil Ting


(415) 557-2312


SF Assembly Member David Chiu


(415) 557-3013