How are other communities in California responding to SB-50 and other state take-over legislation?

"Orinda Watch sponsors town hall to protest CASA Compact and SB 50"

" . . .Richards described the CASA Compact and SB 50 as a "classic top-down, autocratic, Soviet-style plan . developed in backrooms. . . ."

"East Bay critics blast area emergency housing plan -  Orinda Watch gassroots group hosts forum on compact"

" . . .The town hall crowd, most of whom identified themselves by a show of hands as house owners, attended the town hall sponsored by Orinda Watch, which describes itself as a volunteer, nonpartisan group made up of mostly Orinda residents.

“We believe that many aspects of the CASA Compact, SB 50 and the related bills are extremely radical and authoritarian, and are an attempt to take away the control from the local citizens, and give the decision-making authority to a group of bureaucrats, who will have low accountability to anyone,” the group said in a statement distributed at the meeting. . . "

"Burlingame City Council fends for local control"

Officials fight back against state housing initiatives while lauding city’s progress