California State Senate Transportation and Land Use Committee hearing on SB-828:

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

·       Sacramento State Capitol.


Senator Wiener's other pro-developer legislation, SB-828 , will be heard and voted on in committee.  Here are some of the problems with it, according to the Cow Hollow Association letter:

 •   It defines new housing quotas at unrealistic and unreasonable levels that can't be met and sets up local governments to fail.
•   The failure to meet targets housing levels triggers SB 35, allowing by-right development:
all neighborhood objections to a construction project are moot:  light, air, privacy, and any CEQA considerations.
•   It disproportionately impacts San Francisco which already has allotted or produced more than its fair share of housing.

CONTACT the members of the committee:

California State Senate

 Transportation And Housing Committee

 Chair Senator Jim Beall

 (916) 651-4015

 Vice Chair Senator Anthony Cannella