Los Angeles City Council Resolution

Passed by a vote of 12 - 0.

THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that with the concurrence of the Mayor, that by the adoption of this Resolution, the City of Los Angeles hereby includes in its 2019-20 State Legislative Program "OPPOSITION to SB 50 (Weiner), which would allow construction of higher density multi-family housing developments near major transit stops that are out-of-compliance with local land use regulations and procedures, unless amended to exclude the City of Los Angeles from its provisions."
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City of San Mateo opposes SB 50

"San Mateo weighs in on Senate Bill 50"

San Mateo Daily Journal , April 17, 2019

"Though [Mayor] Papan expressed her appreciation to state legislators for focusing on the state’s housing shortage, she wasn’t convinced she could ever support the bill based on its premise of reducing local control over land use decisions.

'The underlying premise, for me, cannot be cured by amendment,” she said. “I think land use has been under local control for a reason.' "



SF Housing Rights Coalition of San Francisco opposes SB-50

Pro-Development Bill Will Displace Long Term Tenants on the West Side
Main Points Detailed in Position:
● SB 50 will deregulate residential zoning creating value potentials ripe for real estate
● SB 50 will do nothing to address a deep deficit in affordable housing on the West
Side unless there are significant changes to local inclusionary
● Tenant protections are not enforceable in San Francisco
● State resources should be focused on using public infrastructure to create deeply
affordable housing or enforcement to stop real estate speculation
HRCSF SB50 Position Letter.pdf
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Cow Hollow Association (SF) opposes SB-50

" . . . As an association, we have been deeply involved in understanding the implications of
Senator Scott Wiener’s SB 50 legislation and its impact on our neighborhood, San
Francisco and California at large. As with this bill’s predecessor SB 827, we disagree
with SB 50’s premise that building density around transit corridors will increase
affordable housing stock by somehow reducing the price of renting or buying property in
San Francisco and beyond. We all know the truth of San Francisco’s desirability, and this
bill merely incentivizes developers to fulfill that need with top-dollar luxury condos
while doing nothing to address the creation of truly affordable housing for low, middle
and moderate incomes workers."

CHA Ltr. to State Legislators Opposing S
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Coalition to Preserve L.A. Analysis

"Far Worse than SB 827, SB 50 Will Kill Neighborhoods, Gentrify Working-Class Areas & Displace 1000s of People  . . "


SB 50 Analysis March 23 2019.docx
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CSFN - Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods - opposes SB-50

" . . .Concerns include the following:
1. SB-50 up-zones all parcels in San Francisco
2. SB-50 will result in the loss of residential areas
3. SB-50 will result in developers making zoning decisions (deregulates local zoning)
4. SB-50 does *not* create affordability:
a. No “trickle-down” effect
(Less housing will be built due costs for labor, land, materials, e.g.)
b. No “fee-out” for affordable housing
(Process creates entitlements to raise property values without certainty of buildings getting built.)"

CSFN-SB50 Oppose Senate Committee on Hou
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