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"Deconstructing YIMBYism" 

John Mirisch, New Geography Magazine

" . . .Although sometimes characterized as a product of the left, the “Yimby” movement is largely funded by Silicon Valley billionaires who seek to cram tech workers into expensive multi-family housing as well as developers who don’t like pesky zoning restrictions or environmental protections. The alliance of developers and tech oligarchs look to Yimbyism as a means to eliminate zoning and environmental restrictions in order to increase profits. . . ."

"The Myth of long-term housing underproduction."

 Tim Redmond, 48 Hills

"Wiener and the YIMBY's Don't Speak for Gay Activists"

by Robert Brokl, Berkeley Daily Planet

"Wiener and the YIMBYs Don't Speak for Gay Activists"

OPINION: "Strengthening CEQA to help solve the housing crisis

 What if the much-maligned environmental law linked jobs to housing? That would fight displacement and encourage regional cooperation . . ."

"Wall Street in Sacramento means Wall Street in our backyard..."  Aaron Peskin

Marina Times

"SB 827 - Transit is just a decoy for gentrification . . ."

"California Bill Will Displace Tenants & Line Developers' Pockets

There’s a newly proposed State bill, SB 827, that encourages gentrification in low-income communities throughout California and gives value to landowners and developers with no public benefit in return. It will cause huge social upheaval-- segregation and disinvestment from public transit-- while money flows into the pockets of wealthy people and businesses. . . ."

Marin resident talks about consequences of SB827 and SB828.   "The bill would benefit developers who profit from unlimited high-end housing production, without solving the need for affordable housing. Furthermore, it would foster displacement of existing residents. The subsequent housing densification and population growth resulting from both bills would harm the environment, public health and safety, increase traffic congestion, burden infrastructure, utilities (water supply), stress public services (including schools), spoil neighborhood character, and lessen quality of life. Moreover, there is no funding for dealing with these impacts. The costs would fall heavily on current local residents. . . "

"BART Board votes to endorse Wiener housing bill -Transit agency members support upzoning -- despite growing community opposition"   Some of these folks are up for election -- read about who voted to support your city and who didn't.

"Hearing on Wiener housing bill points to the roots of this crisis" 

Tim Redmond, 48 Hills

"Against Ageism"  by Sharon Butala.

Required reading for those folks who feel that denigrating everyone older than they are,  is 'cool' . . .

"Inching toward an affordable Westside: Lessons from Forest Hill " by Fernando Marti

 How to do the housing process right ....