Hearing on SB-50SF Board of Supervisors

Government Audit & Oversight Committee

Thursday, April 4th, 10:00 a.m.




There was a brief presentation, in which City Planning staff gave a very short presentation on SB-50.   At Public Comment, about 55 people testified in opposition to SB-50, and about 12 liked SB-50.  




After Public Comment, Supervisor Mar gave the microphone to Supervisor Vallie Brown. who vehemently opposed the resolution.  Then Supervisor Sandra Fewer spoke, passionately supporting the resolution, her neighborhood,  her constituents, and San Francisco.  Supervisor Fewer's comments were heartfelt and extraordinary.




The motion to approve passed 2 to 1.




What's next


The resolution will be heard at the full Board of Supervisors next Tuesday.  We are hoping for at least 8 votes, to make it veto-proof, as Mayor Breed is supporting both Senator Wiener and SB-50.   If you haven't written in or called, please do so.  Especially, please support Supervisor Mar and then encourage the other Supervisors to support this resolution.




The hearing is available here;.


The times are as follows:

Item 5 - start - minute 2:05:49


Introduction, including a brief overview of her concerns by Supervisor Fewer:   2:05:49


Staff presentation and questions from Supervisors :   02:19:15


 Public Comment:  02:37:37


Supervisor Brown:  04:01:43  to 04:18:45


Supervisor Fewer:  04:22:09 addresses Supervisor Brown as to her position


Supervisor Fewer:   04:23:52 to  04:37:04   Expresses her deep concern about the impacts of SB-50  on renters, on low-income residents, on people of color, on seniors, and on all of San Francisco.


Kathy H.

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