What are SB-827 and SB-828?

Sacramento's latest scheme may be a developer’s dream, but it is a homeowner's and tenant's worst  nightmare.  Senator Wiener’s bills 827 and 828 claim to create affordable housing, but they allow developers to cram more dense - and in many cases taller -  luxury buildings in most of San Francisco.   Their goal is to open up all of California to rampant over-development with little control by local residents.  


Don't be fooled by last-minutes 'amendments' ! Whatever is deleted from the legislation this year can be added back next year, when Sacramento politicians meet again to destroy our city!

Here's what can happen:

  • Overriding of existing local zoning controls;
  • Accelerated evictions to tear down smaller buildings;
  • Displacement of tenants for years while replacement housing is built -- often too late for those displaced;
  • Increased loss of San Francisco’s unique diversity;
  • More demand on our already fragile infra-structure (water, utilities, buses, schools, fire, police, libraries);
  • More traffic congestion and noise - and even less parking;
  • Say goodbye to sun, backyards for children and open skies.

Don't let Sacramento politicians destroy our City!   Take Action today!  Contact us to find out what YOU can do.