* Photo - Seattle with new housing regulations

What is the current status of SB-50?

SB-50 has been shelved will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee this month!  Let's keep it there!

Now is the time to contact your representatives and let them know that you oppose this legislation!

What is SB-50?

Two years ago the people of California caused the defeat of SB-827.  Last year a worse bill, SB-50, was introduced that will once again open the way to demolish our neighborhoods.   SB-50 rezones nearly ALL single and two-family home parcels in San Francisco and clears the way for multi-unit luxury apartment buildings. 

SB-50 will not help to create affordable housing, and existing low-income communities will be further negatively impacted by this legislation.

SB-50 was held up in the Senate Appropriations Committee last year.  Let's keep it there this year again!



Here's what can happen:

  • Development would likely be “by right.”  If so, projects would be fast-tracked and residents will be powerless to stop these developments.
  • Any home could be demolished and replaced with luxury apartment towers up to 75 ft. tall - and possibly taller! (We are working with Planning Dept to figure this out. )
  • Many buildings would have no parking at all.  Street parking would become even more of a nightmare.
  • Existing homes surrounded by these luxury towers would sit in darkness all day.   With little open space or sunshine, gardens, habitat for wildlife and safe places for children to play would be a thing of the past.
  • Only the very rich would have ocean views, blocking everyone else. 
  • Water and infrastructure rates could rise.
  • Transportation, police, fire, and ambulance could be stretched past the breaking point. 
  • Schools would be overwhelmed by the population growth.
  • SB-50 fails to protect renters.  Only those cities that have registered their renters and closely tracked vacancies could stop developers from lying about rental history and developing a property.
  • Low-income and diverse neighborhoods would be forced to up-zone and would be given until 2025 to plan their own destruction.


Don't let Sacramento politicians destroy our City!   Take Action today!  Contact us to find out what YOU can do.